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We love a good DIY-project involving old tech – and any time you can turn a landfill-bound product into something more useful (and, in this case, so much cooler) than it was before, well, that’s just a win all around.

Minneapolis-based industrial designer Ross Mackert might just be the new Apple DIY king: He retrofits old Power Mac G4 towers to house liquor and barware.

Open one of his G4s and instead of a bunch of metal components, there’s a thick, elegant sheet of wood. Tucked within the tower, surrounded by reflective surfaces, is a pair of martini glasses and a shaker – entirely suitable for mixing the vodka/apple Schnapps-based concoction called an appletini.

Ross had that very drink name in mind when he christened his Power Mac creation. He calls it an Appletini Bar, and he’s made more than a dozen of them at $300 (around £200) a pop – and he’ll make one for you, too.

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