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My father’s solution to pretty much any ailment is water. From skin problems, to constipation, to dehydration (obviously), he says there’s nothing a nice glass of water can’t solve. This is a man who drinks 5-7 liters of water each day. Meanwhile, I celebrate if I can finish two liters in 24 hours.

I guess it’s just that I’m not conditioned to keep myself hydrated. I forget, and that’s something I see happening with most of us. The bottle’s right there on my table, but unless it’s filled with Pumpkin Spice Latte, it gets ignored. The Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle was designed to perform the simple trick of reminding you to drink. Joseph Joseph, known for their incredibly innovative products, outdid themselves with a rather clever cap that has a way of tracking the number of times the bottle’s been opened or closed. This shows up on the cap as a white dot (for every time you open and close the lid).

The dot-based system was made to remind you to constantly drink water. Each dot is indicative of a 15 minute time frame, so the Dot bottle was designed with 4 dots to signify an hour, and a bottle volume to hold the amount of water we must consume in an hour.

The magic lies in the Dot’s cap. It comes with a ratchet-based mechanism that causes the dots to increment when you tighten the cap of the bottle after having a sip. The bottle comes even with a no-dot reading because you’d be required to open the cap when you refill the bottle with water. Genius, isn’t it?!

Designer: Joseph Joseph