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“And now for Something kinda Creepy”

New On-air Look for Destination America by METAphrenie

(Est. 2012) “Destination America is the only network devoted to celebrating the people, places, and stories of the United States. The inclusive network targeting Adults 25-54 is available in 56 million homes, featuring unique original series like: Paranormal Lockdown, Mountain Monsters, Smoked, A Haunting, Buying Alaska, and more.”

Design by
METAphrenie (Los Angeles, CA)

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Taking inspiration from the unexplained events showcased in DA’s programming, we created The Glitch and The Glow: two design concepts illustrative of irregularities and the supernatural. We merged these two looks to create an on-air identity that includes promo & navigational elements. All elements are fully customizable with an easy-to-use toolkit to ensure unlimited variety.

A unique asset to the graphics package is the Glitch effect that can be used to generate custom backgrounds & transitions using existing footage or still artwork. This allows show specific backgrounds to be created easily and completely in alignment with the look of the other graphics.

Images (opinion after)

On-air montage.

One thing that’s important to note, which is not in the channel description is that Destination America has completely shifted its focus to paranormal and supernatural activity programming. The logo didn’t change, other than dropping the American flag color palette, for a ghostly white on black. The new on-air look is… weird. Even though one of the effects is literally called “Glitch”, the on-air montage video looks like a glitch. I seriously kept thinking “Something’s wrong with this file”, which could be a testament of how convincing this is… but it’s just weird and somehow aleatory, like, what is it a glitch of? It’s not scary or freaky, just glitchy. (Although, I’ll admit, around the :30 mark of the video, that glitchy forest IS freaky.) Part of the problem — well, the main problem — is the actual channel branding. The name and logo have NOTHING to do with the programming. So the disconnect between the name, the logo, and the glitchiness happening behind it is bigger than the chances of finding Bigfoot.