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“Sharp in Spades”

(Est. 1997, formerly San Antonio Stars, formerly Utah Starzz) “The Las Vegas Aces are a professional basketball team based in Las Vegas, Nevada, playing in the Western Conference in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The team was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah as the Utah Starzz before the league’s inaugural 1997 season began; then moved to San Antonio before the 2003 season and became the San Antonio Silver Stars, then simply the San Antonio Stars in 2014; then relocated to Las Vegas before the 2018 season. The team is owned by MGM Resorts International.” (Wikipedia)

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New Name and Logo for Las Vegas Aces
New Name and Logo for Las Vegas Aces
Tricked-out logo.
New Name and Logo for Las Vegas Aces
New Name and Logo for Las Vegas Aces
Announcement event.
Intro video.

Not much point in talking about the old logo since the change is so drastic with the team moving to another city. The new logo isn’t great by any standard but it’s not that bad. It manages to be Las Vegas-y — with the diamond shape, the black-red-gold color palette, the name — while also not being totally douche-y. (Except for the intro video, that’s full-on douche-y with a sprinkling of Games of Thrones opening titles imitation.) But, yeah, the “ACES” typography is decent and the “A” and “LV” treatments embedded in the diamond shape are kind of interesting and well thought out. Even the 3D treatments in the graphics are kind of cool with the gold tinting and dramatic black and red colors — it’s appropriate for Las Vegas and it’s done in a relatively elegant way.