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“Boxed In”

(Est. 2002) “With over 75 million monthly active users, TuneIn lets people listen to the world’s sports, music, news, podcasts and audiobooks from wherever they are. TuneIn has over 120,000 radio stations and more than 5.7 million podcasts streaming from every continent, and is available across 200+ connected devices.”

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Images (opinion after)

New Logo for TuneIn
New Logo for TuneIn
New Logo for TuneIn
Digital billboard in Times Square.
Obstructed and small view of the logo in different configurations.
Sample of logo in motion.

The icon of the old logo was fairly ambiguous; perhaps it was a “ti” monogram, perhaps it was a human figure, perhaps it was both, perhaps it was neither. In the end, it wasn’t that interesting either way and the wordmark was pretty standard. The new logo is even more generic with the typography inside two boxes, one dark and one light. It’s nice to look at, I guess, but it’s way too random to carry any significant meaning for TuneIn. The flexibility of the logo is good but, again, mostly random and done just for the sake that it can be done. If I were less dubious I would probably be willing to see the shift of the “IN” box as a metaphor for trying to tune into a station and finding the right spot. Overall, it’s an okay change and five years from now it will probably make another okay change.