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“One Nation Under Sports”

New Logo for SB Nation

(Est. 2005) “SB Nation (Sports Blog Nation) is a sports news website owned and operated by Vox Media (formerly SportsBlogs, Inc.). Established in 2005, the site comprises 320 blogs covering individual professional and college sports teams, and other sports-oriented topics. The site operates from Vox’s offices just off Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, as well as Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. SB Nation currently has content-sharing partnerships with Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, USA Today, Comcast and the National Hockey League (NHL).” (Wikipedia)

Design by
Most likely in-house at Vox Media

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New Logo for SB Nation
New Logo for SB Nation
Square version.

The old logo was relatively good. It had a recognizable typographic style and it stroke an interesting balance of looking like both a newspaper and sports-related logo. The new logo is less newspaper and more sports, which is not bad, since the site is not a newspaper, obvs., but maybe now it just looks like a generic sports brand that could be a gym, an apparel line, an energy drink, or the latest Nike Graphic Identity Group logo. Nonetheless, the result is a handsome, solid, wordmark, except for the “NA” pair, which was very nicely solved in the past logo but, here, the counter space calls for more attention than it should. The site and new style of social media posts do make it all work nicely together.