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“Lights Out”

Las Vegas Lights FC is a planned expansion team for the United Soccer League for the 2018 season. The team will play at Cashman Field in downtown Las Vegas.

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The logo incorporates the club’s three official colors – blue, yellow and pink – which are all taken from the official City of Las Vegas logo. Adding a neon element was a natural fit, as Lights FC will play all of its home games just steps from the famous Neon Museum and a few blocks from Fremont Street. The logo’s crest design shape mimics the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign – rotated 90 degrees. The logo is accented with another Las Vegas signature, with the pink star at the bottom of the logo.

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Logo introduction.
New Logo for Las Vegas Lights FC
New Logo for Las Vegas Lights FC
Logo elements.
New Logo for Las Vegas Lights FC
Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman, with neon logo.
New Logo for Las Vegas Lights FC

While the name — “Lights”? — and logo are cheesy, both are appropriate. Las Vegas is, after all, a city defined by its barrage of lights and neon, so the two excusable and relevant but that doesn’t take away from the bland design that this logo exhibits. Part of the problem is that the logo was crowdsourced at some point — the official party line is thousands of “design inspiration ideas” submitted by the fans — and now a bunch of Las Vegas references are mixed in quite amateurishly into a single crest. Again, all references are valid, but the result is a cheap-looking rendition of Photoshopped neon with bland, disjointed typography. The color combination is a good departure from typical soccer logos (and especially pleasing for any hardcore CMYK fan) and the rotated “Welcome to Las Vegas“ sign as the main shape is interesting but, beyond that, this is very poorly done. The actual neon sign, which should look bad-ass, looks like a “Cold Beer” sign at a bar.