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New Logo for Eredivisie by Dog and Pony

(Est. 1956) “The Eredivisie (‘Honor Division’ in Dutch) is the highest echelon of professional football in the Netherlands. The league was founded in 1956, two years after the start of professional football in the Netherlands. At the end of the 2015-2016 season it was ranked the 13th best league in Europe by UEFA.” (Wikipedia)

Design by
Dog and Pony (Amsterdam)

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Relevant quote
By combining the E and an abstraction of the center circle of the playing field, we created a powerful, iconic logo, that formed the starting point for the development of a rich, modern visual language, that works throughout all communication levels and platforms.

Images (opinion after)

New Logo for Eredivisie by Dog and Pony
New Logo for Eredivisie by Dog and Pony
Main lock-up and variation.
Logo introduction.

The old logo was more or less okay; perhaps too effusive and not stately enough to be the premiere league in the Netherlands, like it was trying too hard to be cool and fun. One thing it did have going in its favor was that it was undeniably related to soccer. While the monogram in the new logo draws its forms from the center of the pitch, it could be for absolutely any other organization in any industry in any part of the world. Obviously, those who know, know that “Eredivisie” = soccer so maybe there is no need to beat anyone over the head with ball graphics. As a monogram, it’s more or less okay, with a simple geometry but one that yields some awkwardness, making the “e” look like it has an overbite. The wordmark, same thing: more or less fine. A decent sans serif but why drop the tittles? This could have been much better if they had capitalized the “E”, kept the tittles, and allowed the word to be the way the alphabet gods intended it to be. Overall, maybe too much corporate and not enough sports fandom.