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“That’s a Stretch”

New Logo for Barbarian

(Est. 2001) “Barbarian likes to break conventions around message and medium to deliver the strange and unexpected. We were founded in 2001 and are a subsidiary of Cheil Worldwide, with 55 offices worldwide. The agency provides end-to-end marketing services to help brands navigate a world where the Internet has become the central and driving force for culture and commerce.”

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In-house most likely

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New Logo for Barbarian
Logo animation.

For being one of the “edgier” agencies and with such an aggressive name, The Barbarian Group — now only Barbarian — had a really tame and timid logo (not to mention boring) until now. This new logo makes much more sense, matching the energy and attitude of their work quite well but also without being a big fuck-you to anyone with more conservative graphic tastes. The logo is different and bold but quite restrained, making it an effective tool to grab attention but not take all of it. It’s not the most innovative logo by any means, we’ve all seen stretchy-type logos or layouts before but there is still something pleasing about it in this context. I particularly like the “I” that grows slabs as it expands. A big bonus is the loading animation at their website that uses SVG and CSS animation only; total golf clap material.