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“Setting a Bar”

(Est. 1992) “PR Bar was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce products that would propel endurance athletes to personal records. With the accomplishment of Olympic medals, world-class athletes breaking personal records, ambassadors setting world records and fueling weekend warriors to new heights we have proven to meet and exceed our mission time and time again. In 2016, PR Bar re-launched with a re-inspired enthusiasm to create nutritional products that deliver sustained energy and endurance for all active lifestyles. Founded by a father and son duo, they recognized the need to create a great tasting, but nutritional bar that offers athletes and health enthusiasts the fuel needed for peak performance in everyday life.”

Design by
Traina (San Diego, CA)

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Our first move was to broaden PR Bar’s target audience to include people who lead active lifestyles, in addition to elite athletes. That shift meant that the brand’s tone and voice needed a refresh. So we crafted key messaging to differentiate PR Bar and reinforce the broader appeal.

Next we redesigned the logo, identity and packaging, introducing a vibrant new color system, typeface, and core graphics. We then applied the new visual system to sales and marketing materials to support an aggressive distribution effort. Finally, we redesigned and developed the new PR Bar website. The new site is an engaging, interactive showcase of their products, and an intuitive ecommerce solution that makes purchases easy.

Images (opinion after)

New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina
New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina
Identity elements.
New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina
Packaging, before and after.
New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina

New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina

New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina
New Logo and Packaging for PR Bar by Traina

The old logo was sort of bad but it wasn’t terrible… I don’t think those geometric letterforms were meant to be slanted but, to their credit, they didn’t look awful. It did have one too many things going on with the asterisk, the red box, the black box, and the black stroke, all with dubious spacing. The new logo is simpler, with a big “PR” and a small “BAR” and a literal bar. At first glance it’s a big improvement and the logo feels… nutritious and bold, definitely belonging in the power bar aisle. One thing that remains from the old logo is the dubious spacing. The “P” and the “R” are too close to each other in relationship to the spacing between the bar and “BAR” (and the letter-spacing of “BAR”); the space between the bar and “BAR” should be replicated as the spacing with the “PR” to create a tighter unit and the spacing above “PERFORMANCE READY” looks bigger than it should. I know it’s splitting hairs, but when you have a dead-simple logo, every element has to be carefully considered. The old packaging was very bland and looked both unappetizing and un-energizing, which are both bad things to look like when you are a power bar. The new packaging is a huge improvement in these respects, looking much more edible and way more energizing. The ingredient photography isn’t going to win any awards but it does its job. Overall, a major improvement, no doubt.