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“Sunday Funday”

(Est. 2006) NFL GameDay is a show featuring highlights of National Football League games. It airs on the NFL Network starting at 7AM Eastern and continues for 15 hours every Sunday.

Design by
Trollbäck+Company (New York, NY)

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Given the rapidly changing nature of the content on GameDay, Trollbäck+Company made the design system flexible for the network’s in-house graphics team. Aesthetically, the content-first package extends the NFL brand beyond linear television, with stripped-back 3D elements in favor of a flatter, cleaner look for cross-platform clarity wherever GameDay lives. This graphic treatment is underscored by powerful football imagery and symbolism to deeply resonate with fans. An updated logo system aligns all five GameDay properties, and is one of the only assets to retain a 3D aesthetic.

The job extended to the larger visual identity of NFL Network with an updated on-air graphics system featuring a custom-designed typeface. Partnering with the marketing team at the network and Commercial Type, Trollbäck+Company arrived at NFLN Tackle Black Sans, which maximizes legibility on all screens. The new typeface can now be seen on-air, as well as digital collateral, including websites and newsletters.

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New Logo and On-air Look for NFL GameDay by Trollbäck+Company
New Logo and On-air Look for NFL GameDay by Trollbäck+Company
Logo on steroids.
On-air graphics.

The old logo had a Transformers-esque slab typography that wasn’t too terrible but neither was it enticing. The new logo has a great, bold, confident new wordmark that still conveys “SPORTS! YEAH!” without the usual tropes. Since I don’t watch football (hence, I don’t watch GameDay I can’t compare the old on-air look with the new one but I can say that the new on-air work is simply great. Flawless and crisp, with a lot of cool little animation details sprinkled throughout. It manages to feel energetic and dynamic with nary a 3D effect in sight. (Except for the 3D logo treatment and even that is nicer than usual.)