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“Good V1brat1ons”

(Est. 2017) “V1BE is a boutique studio gym specialising in treadmill based HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Every class is a high intensity, heart rate-monitored interval training session that gives a full body workout in just fifty minutes. More guided than a typical visit to the gym, more friendly than a one-on-one session with a PT.”

Design by
BGN (Manchester, UK)

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The numeral one presented us with an opportunity – rather than blending the one in with the letters so that it was practically indistinguishable from them, we decided to the exact opposite, italicising it and recreating it in the negative space between the V and B. In doing so, we create a striking asset, making the 1 a hero that we can reuse across messaging, or even as an abstract framing device to brand images without needing to show the wordmarque.

As for the colour palette, though we primarily lead with a stripped-back black and white, aligning V1BE more with fashion than fitness, but supporting that primary palette with three light and three dark colours to convey the vibrant and energetic nature of both the V1BE studio environment, and the classes they offer day in, day out.

Images (opinion after)

New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN
Color variations.
New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN
Logo on a photo.
New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN
Train, Pain, Gain.
New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN

New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN

New Logo and Identity for V1BE by BGN

Any logo that features a “1” in its counterspace has to face comparison with the Formula 1 logo and, given that this one is also italic, it’s double the challenge. What the F1 logo does really well is extracting the shape of the “1” from the “F”, making it feel like an organic solution. Here, unfortunately, it’s a “1” dropped in between the “V” and “B” without any synergy between the three characters, especially with the “1” being italic, the “V” half italic, and the “B”… well, who knows what’s going on with the “B”. It might also be one visual trick too many that hinders readability — are we supposed to read it as “Vibe” or “V One Be“? Despite all this, the logo and the visual attitude around it work very well for a small gym for hardcore enthusiasts. It feels bold and athletic and anti-Planet Fitness (or any other major gym chain) so it succeeds in that regard.