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“The Sound of Color ”

New Logo and Identity for NPO 3FM

(Est. 1965) “NPO 3FM is a Dutch pop/rock radio station controlled by public broadcaster NPO. Its format is a combination of contemporary hit radio, alternative and rock.”

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Today we take the next step in the renewal of NPO 3FM. The red and blue will make way for a multi-colored, fresh style. 3FM is the station to new music and develop new talent in all flavors and colors. And much more than just a radio station: as a full youth brand we are present on all platforms. On radio, on TV, on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. At festivals and concerts. In all the places to find young people who are crazy music you come against us.

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New Logo and Identity for NPO 3FM
New Logo and Identity for NPO 3FM
Studio graphics.
New Logo and Identity for NPO 3FM
Awards spot.

Even for Dutch standards of graphic craziness, the old logo was whack and made no sense. The NPO part is the parent company so that’s not an issue, it’s the 3FM part with a poor man’s grunge aesthetic that would do a total disservice to any radio station, even a poor man’s grunge radio station. Nevermind — see what I did there? — that it’s for a pop/rock radio station, making it even less appropriate. The new logo is pretty great… it echoes the shape of the parent logo with an overlapping diamond that wobbles into sound waves made of up a combination of RGB and CMYK. It’s kind of weird but it works nicely. The “3” follows the forms of the “npo” wordmark and the “FM” establishes a condensed italic font that is then used throughout the applications. The sound wave graphics are perhaps cliché for a radio station but the execution makes them more exciting and interesting. Overall, this looks like a radio station, smells like a radio station, sounds like a radio station.