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(Est. 1991) “Atlantic Grupa d.d. is a Croatian multinational company whose business operations include the production, development, sales and distribution of consumer goods with simultaneous market presence in over 40 countries around the world. Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading FMCG companies in the region, active in a number of industries. Its primary activities comprise production and distribution of food products, including sports nutrition products and dietary supplements. Additionally, Atlantic Grupa is also a manufacturer of personal hygiene products, OTC medicines and the company also operates Farmacia chain of pharmacies. Finally, Atlantic Grupa has regional and international distribution network through which, in addition to its own range of brands, it also distributes a range of products from external partners. The company’s headquarters are in Zagreb, while 19 production facilities are located in Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. Atlantic Grupa owns companies and representative offices in 12 countries.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Señor (Zagreb, Croatia)

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The new logotype draws its inspiration from the shape of the Atlantic Ocean, connecting countries from the Old World with the New, just as Atlantic Grupa, through its growth and the discovery of new business opportunities connects new and existing markets. An s-curve which stretches the length of the globe, from north to the south, inspired the shape of a wave – a simple intervention that transforms the logotype into a powerful corporate symbol.

The simplicity of the logotype is aided by the clean design of its font that is aimed at our orientation towards optimisation, and confirms Atlantic Grupa as a contemporary, powerful, and creative company. Along with evident improvements, we have retained the visual elements that recognisably reflect the corporate values and driving force of Atlantic. And so we remain faithful to our red and grey colours that stand for passion and strength, and stability and security as well as the shape of a wave symbolising the creativity that washes over the shore, erasing the old and creating the new.

Atlantic Grupa press release

Images (opinion after)

New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Logo. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Logo construction. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Full logo to icon. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Business cards. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Envelopes. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Folder and letterhead. New Logo and Identity for Atlantic Grupa by Señor Ads.

Logo presentation which looks like the introduction of the home team at an NBA game. SO PUMPED!


The old logo was forgettable, bland, and too sea-centric, looking exclusively like a sea-related company. The “ATLANTIC” wordmark was fine but the “GRUPA” underneath was just a tad too majorly-extremely-overly tracked out. The new logo looks more like a big corporation as opposed to a surfer hut at the beach but the over-emphasis on sea-related graphics (because of the name, I get it) still makes it look like a seafood company. From their new (or old) logo I would never imagine they are the parent company of cheeses, chocolates, chips, or baby food. Execution-wise, the new logo is decent; nothing extremely exciting or innovative but just as well nothing too annoying. The applications have a convincing business look and the ads are somewhat interesting, although still confusing as to explaining what the company is about other than being a company. If, like me, everything here feels fine and acceptable, there is always the logo video introduction to serve as something you will actually remember.