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Artists: Darren Bader, Takayuki Ishii, Ian Rosen

Venue: The Steak House DOSKOI, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: LOW

Date: March 12 – April 9, 2017

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"LOW" at

"LOW" at

"LOW" at

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"LOW" at
"LOW" at
"LOW" at
Darren Bader
Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London
Takayuki Ishii
Takayuki Ishii
Takayuki Ishii
Takayuki Ishii

Images courtesy of The Steak House DOSKOI, Tokyo

Then I loved
a guy who
worked at Low,
years ago,
his hair was
white as snow
(almost), his
t-shirt blew
kisses to
Cocteau Twins
and fit him
“like a glove,”
but looser,
and let his
midriff show,
His response?
Sadly, no.

The lowdown
on the downlow
leads, lo
and behold,
to mellow
not low-brow

Go gentle
into that
When eros,
is eros,
no longer
it can flow,
or flower,
become a
bower for,
lo, growing
a rose in.

Link: “LOW” at The Steak House DOSKOI

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