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The Director of the Metropolitan Museum, Thomas Campbell, has resigned. Partly this is interesting because the Met has been slowly losing its “expertise quotient” on the curatorial front and the fact that most major encyclopedic art museums follow its lead. Overall, the Met’s supposedly more serious foray into contemporary art hasn’t really wowed many… perhaps because it was following the same kind of “Liberal Elite” ideas that fizzled out in 2016 so stunningly (Portland is fairly radical). All “Great Art” is rather radical in its execution and is designed to challenge institutions and the problem with producing shows of art that most museums “think” have a moral high ground is they tend to smooth out all the rough, even jagged edges that radical ideas and art traffic in. Many of us call this “following the parade.” What happens at the met now?

Brian Libby conducted a fine interview regarding Minor White’s historic photographs of vanished architectural gems in Portland. Very topical in this era of rapid redevelopment in Portland.

One time Portlander Ann Marie Nafziger writes about Standing Rock for Art21.