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Sit back, light your cigar, swirl your whiskey and listen to some soothing Beethoven on your Mercedes-Benz wireless speaker. Oozing with elegance and class, this wireless speaker is designed with the raw sophistication of the brand in mind. Stealing your attention from the first glance, the dominant emblem speaks on behalf of the user regarding their lifestyle.

The usability of this speaker is straightforward – using a series of 3D dots to indicate what the user is touching (volume up, volume down and turn off), the speaker does not overcomplicate the experience. Hiding behind a waterproof flap in the rear of the speaker is the charging dock unless of course, you wish to use the wireless charging pad instead. The smart choices made by the designer of the Mercedes-Benz Wireless Speaker Anshuman Kumar are that of the material and color finish here – the satin finish and rich choice of colors compliment the brass emblem and make for an expensive looking product. Going off the premium look here, I think I’d get in trouble if I asked for one for Christmas.

Designer: Anshuman Kumar