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Did you really go on that crazy adventure around the world if you didn’t record it? Of course it can be a nuisance having to bring around a camera all the time and then you can only get your point of view – it seems like a lot of hassle right? Not with the Rylo Compact 360° Action Camera. Using two 7mm lenses that capture 208 degrees each, enabling the recording of a seamless 360 degrees of you doing whatever you want, whenever you want. The beautifully designed Rylo Action Camera boasts brilliant HD recording and thankfully comes with the use of a stabilizer too – ensuring that crisp quality isn’t interrupted by your active movements. On top of this, Rylo can also take stills in a staggering 6k.

Rylo is a groundbreaking camera designed with powerful software that makes it easy for anyone to shoot, edit, and share incredibly smooth, cinematic video. To make sure you don’t miss a moment of adventure, this little guy has up to 60 minutes of continuous recording time and has a removable microSD to capture every move you make. Rylo is robust and playful – a perfect companion on any trip you’ll think of taking.

Designer: Rylo