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It’s that time of year when you may be seeking new creative direction for the months ahead, or simply wanting to lie in the sun with a novel at the park. 

Whatever the case, you can’t go amiss with having a book on the go. We’ve created a list of recently published design books that will inspire, challenge or purely just amuse you.

Topics include 1920s lettering and sensual typography, paper techniques and Chicago gang business cards. 

How to Draw Type and Influence People

By Sarah Hyndman

This fun book by Type Tasting expert Sarah Hyndman encourages interaction and experimentation with type in a way that’s not intimidating or too complex. Although it can be helpful for graphic designers wanting to create their own letterforms, it also caters to a wide audience.

Sarah is known to explore the strong sensual effects of typefaces, such as the emotional response and triggering of memories depending on shape and size.

She says we all do this everyday without realising it. I went along to one of her Type Tasting events for the London Design Festival, and discovered how wine label design and typography influences how it tastes.

In this book, each typeface is introduced and demonstrated with creative exercises which show the reader how to draw each font, followed by an exploration of the associations evoked by the different type styles to find out why they’ve come about and how the reader can create their own.

Sarah has a background as a graphic designer, writer and public speaker known for her psychology behind type and multi sensory typography.

How to Draw Type and Influence People is now available from Laurence King for £12.99.

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