Satellite image of Hurricane Irma over the Atlantic Ocean.


Just days after the Gulf Coast began what is likely to be along period of reconstruction and recovery following the havoc wrecked by Hurricane Harvey, a new Category 5 storm named Hurricane Irma is barreling across the Atlantic Ocean, with damage already in the Caribbean and the prospect of direct impact on Florida forecasted for this weekend.

Many museums are once again in the line of the storm, and officials have been taking measures to brace for winds, rain, and flooding. Throughout Miami, institutions announced Wednesday that they planned to close in anticipation of the storm. The Pérez Art Museum Miami said that it will stay shut from Thursday, September 7, through Sunday, September 10, in anticipation of the storm. The Margulies at the Warehouse, in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, is closed already and will remain so for the remainder of the week. The nonprofit Dimensions Variable also announced that it closed and cancelled scheduled events in anticipation of the storm. “Thanks Irma,” it said in an email statement.

ARTnews has contacted other arts institutions in the area and this post will be updated as more information becomes available.


— Wednesday, September 6, 12 p.m.: Yetzenia Y. Álvarez, a spokesperson for the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico outside of San Juan, emailed ARTnews to say that the museum is closed and has taken precautions to protect the building and its collection. “Last Friday we activated the emergency plan and on Monday we began to work to protect the collections and structure of the museum,” Álvarez said. “Micro-climates were sealed in secured galleries and artworks that could be in danger were relocated to safer spaces. All steps of the emergency plan have been properly followed, hoping that no major damage will occur and that we fully protect the heritage that we hold at the MAPR.”