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This is the closest we have gotten to a modern-day New-Haven-railroad-level logo in the train industry — which, granted, is not a booming one. Using the diacritic over the “Z” in the company’s name to create an overhead view of a railway switch is very clever. And that livery… swoon. See original post

In the realm of geometric-sans-serif-based identities — of which there have been dozens recently — this one found a way to be charming, surprising, and playful in the most minimal of ways while doubling down on pink as the brand color.See original post

Maybe it’s not fair to put a tiny coffee shop against the bigger organizations usually covered in the Reviewed section but Little Wolf packed a big punch in all of its executions.See original post

Branding artificial intelligence is not an easy task and even though there was a before logo that the new logo was able to build on, the visual language developed around IBM Watson created a sense of intrigue and excitement around an entity best known so far as a contestant on Jeopardy!. See original post


Ugly never looked so good as in this misshapen logo and accompanying illustrations that promote the aesthetically-discarded fruits and vegetables the juices are made from.See original post


New Global Identity for Hyundai done In-house by Creative Works

Before this identity redesign I would have never thought twice about Hyundai as a bastion of good design but this classy update gave a beautiful flat polish to the logo and complemented it with subtle, elegant identity elements.See original post


New Logo and Identity for Juventus by Interbrand

One of the boldest changes of the year with one of the most classic Italian soccer teams breaking from the classic use of a crest in exchange for a monogram that is more Gucci than coat of arms. Purists may cringe but this is a great logo and — sure, maybe a little cringeworthy, I’ll admit — a lifestyle brand. See original post


New Logo for YouTube done In-house

This one didn’t get as warm a reception here on Brand New but I think they did a remarkable job in the typography to make it stand on its own while the play icon catapults into design history… one day I guarantee it will be seen as iconic as Target’s target or Apple’s apple.See original post


New Logo and Identity for Canada Snowboard by Hulse & Durrell

Without a doubt, this was the best icon of the year, turning the omnipresent maple leaf into a snowy peak inside a black diamond (which is used to mark the most advanced runs in a mountain). The application renders were a little ho-hum but that icon tho. See original post


New Logo for Mozilla by johnson banks

This is not the most amazing logo ever but that something unique, clever, and meaningful was able to come out of a redesign process done in the open that actually took feedback in from open conversations on the internet is quite amazing. But even without taking that backstory into account, the use of “://” from “http://” built into “Moz://a” is smart and appropriate for an organization dedicated to the internet.See original post


New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Ugly Drinks by Jones Knowles Ritchie

The redesign with the most attitude is no doubt this one, featuring a range of bird-flipping fruits with an oversize tongue sticking out of them — a tongue that is also cleverly a “U”, the initial for a bouncy, playful, striking wordmark. The overall design of this is fantastic and, what’s better, it’s fueled by a great sense of humor.See original post


New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Chobani done In-house

The year’s number one spot probably doesn’t come as a surprise, given how positively effervescent my original review was. As the leading category brand, Chobani could have maintained its own status quo and tweaked its previously mediocre logo and packaging for years but instead it completely revolutionized its look — like, literally, every element is not an evolution but a 180-degree change — to lead by example.See original post